Great tour ! - Saturday, 08 December 2012 15:18 - Germany

We heard about the easy rider and the local traveler book about the vietnam easy riders. Their website is very informative and so we decided to do a 2 day trip from Dalat to Mui Ne. Booking and email contact with Mr Viet was perfect so we started at the 8th of December our Tour with Viet and Chilli. We have seen so much of Vietnam and the life of the people! They showed us Coffeeplantage, silkfaktory, Waterfalls and the daily life of the mountain people. They explained everything very good in a perfect english! Our stop in Di Linh was great. We slept in a small resort in a room with a wonderful view of the waterfall! So great! Two days are really short but the two brothers made everything possible for us! They treated us like familymembers! We can only recommend a tour with them to everybody who want to see the real vietnam! Without the two days we would not have so much informations and experiences! so once again thank you to viet and Chilli and a good advice to everybody: You have to make a tour with them

Worth penny!!! - Wednesday, 21 November 2012 09:15 - Canada

I took a two day (one night) trip with our  driver Chilli, from Nha Trang to Da Lat. I liked Chilli  from the start. He was early to pick me up, so we were on the road by 8AM from Nha Trang. Almost immediately we were "off the beaten path" and I was taking in sights and learning about the Vietnamese culture in a way that just isn't possible from the back of a bus. I was on a single tour, so it was just Chilli, me, and the wide-open road. We spent one night in Lak Lake at a gorgeous resort right on the lake. It was the low season and I may very well have been the only guest in the place. On the road we stopped to visit a brick factory, a silk factory, a waterfall, and also paid visits to all sorts of farms and minority villages, and of course enjoyed some amazing landscape views throughout. The food was always good, plentiful and cheap! Chilli  made sure I got to try any of the local foods I wanted and we visited a market in the morning to get our fix of fresh fruits. Now I am enjoying the cool weather and slow pace of Da Lat before I head to Saigon. I highly recommend a bike tour across Vietnam and the Easy Riders are a great option. My only regret is that it was so expensive. I had to squeeze my budget to afford a two day tour, but I definitely would have preferred to spend three or four days. Hopefully the Easy Riders  will find a way to make their tour more accessible to the budget traveler, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend this company.

“da Dalat a My Tho 1200 Km di bellezze Vietnamite” - Tuesday, 20 November 2012 08:50

Dopo aver percorso la parte nord del Vietnam, mi sono recato a Dalat, cittadina sull`altopiano centrale. Li mi sono imbattuto nella sede del "vietnam easyrider company" dove parlando con Viet abbiamo sviluppato un percorso sull`altipiano di tre notti, ma quando gli ho detto che poi avrei passato qualche giorno nel delta del Mekong mi ha offerto un pacchetto di otto giorni. Certo il prezzo non era basso, ma quell`avventura in moto mi allettava particolarmente; diciamo che ho seguito il mio istinto, e ne sono stato ripagato ampiamente. Ho passato dei giorni indimenticabili, in zone che altrimenti non avrei mai visto, in strade sicuramente non battute dai circuiti turistici. Una bella faticata, 8 giorni a bordo di una Honda 125, 1200 Km percorsi, facendo il turista si, ma Vietnamita., mangiando con loro, nei loro ristoranti, le loro pietanze.
Debbo dire che il npopolo vietnamita mi ha accolto molto bene, un popolo che ama sorridere cosa altro avrebbe potuto fare. Comunque tutto questo lo debbo sicuramente a Viet, mi e` stato vicino sempre, facendo fatica a spiegarmi le cose, dato il mio povero inglese, ma non ha mai ceduto, ci fermavamo a bere del succo di canna da zucchero e mi spiegava la storia e la cultura del popolo vietnamita di quella data zona, direi impareggiabile.
Se volete fare un`esperienza davvero diversa contattate il "" e con loro createvi il vostro percorso ideale, in bossa al lupo.

An forgettable journey!!! - Monday, 12 November 2012 09:10 - Canada

My wife and I did a 5 day tour from Dalat to Hoi An with David and Viet. We have been very fortunate over the years in having travelled to over 20 countries and had many great experiences along the way. I can say with great certainty that travelling the Ho Chi Minh Trail on the back of motorcycles with vietnam easyrider  ranks up there with the very best travel experiences we have ever had. One can't describe the intimate relationship you experience with the country of Vietnam as a tourist travelling on the back of motorcycle. The sites, sounds, people and places come alive with vietnam easyrider. David and Viet  were amazing hosts/drivers/tour guides and allowed us to see a side of Vietnam that no one in a tour bus will ever experience. I could write for pages on our stories and memories in a mere 5 days, but will sum it up with this thought. There are few experiences that you will ever have as a traveller anywhere in the world that are as a rewarding and enjoyable as our experience with VietNam easyrider. Don't settle for cheap imitations, book now and book for as long a journey as you can. Our only mistake was just 5 days.... Thanks you for such a memorable experience David and Viet  and Vietnam easyrider.

Viet’s website

Great Viet ! - Thursday, 18 October 2012 16:20 - Denmark


October 2012 Just do it - that's all you need to know! Viet is a wonderful guy, a safe driver and a really knowledge guide. Just don't talk to him while eating ;0) And to everybody in Denmark: Hvis du gerne vil opleve den hemmelige ananasplantage lige udenfor BMT, hvor den fattige plantageejeren netdater en pige fra Sydvietnam, eller vil høre om hvordan det går den nygifte søn fra Jun Village så skal du tage en tur med Viet - bedre guide fås ikke! Jeg tog, som ene pige, en 4 dags tur fra Dalat til Nha Trang, og det var helt vidunderligt. Viet ved alt om området, buddhismen og Vietnams historie. Han er en true gentlemen, en sikker chauffør og ved hvor man skal stoppe for at få de bedste billeder og oplevelser. Thanks for a great trip,Viet


“Das beste am ganzen Urlaub” - Sunday, 07 October 2012 00:47 - Germany

Wir haben uns noch zuhause für einen 3 Tagestour mit vietnam easyrider entschieden. Ich hatte gleich eine Mail an Viet geschickt und auch sofort eine Antwort mit allen Infos bekommen. Viet kam dann auch gleich am Abend vor der Tour zu uns ins Hotel um unsere letzten Fragen zu beantworten - toller Service! Wir haben uns für die Fahrt von Hue nach Hoi An entschieden, die durchs Hinterland führt und uns in Gebiete geführt hat, die nur wenige Touristen sehen. Da wir noch nie Motorrad gefahren waren, haben wir uns dafür entschieden mit Guides zu fahren. Einer der Guides konnt gut Englisch, die anderen beiden konnten zwar kein Englisch aber haben mit ihrem Humor und Umsichtigkeit alles wett gemacht! großes Kompliment an Quang, Nho und Duc, ihr wart die besten Guides die man sich hätte wünschen können. es wurde viek gehalten und erklärt, tolle Kleinigkeiten gezeigt, die man sonst übersehen hätte, tolles Essen näher gebracht und gefahren sind sie immer sicher, nie hatten wir Angst haben müssen. Alle Wünsche wurden uns von den Augen abgelesen und wir hatten einfach eine gute Zeit.
Ich kann nur jedem Empfehlen diese Tour mitzumachen!!

“Assolutamente da non perdere” - Friday, 28 September 2012 14:41 - Italy

Io e la mia fidanzata abbiamo pagato 25 € per un tour di quasi 9 ore. Abbiamo preso 2 moto ed abbiamo visitato le piantagioni di caffè , il lago paradiso , le piantagioni di fiori e le serre di fragole , l'azienda che produce seta, l'azienda che produce carta di riso e l azienda che produce kopi luwak. La nostra guida era Viet , era molto gentile e parlava un ottimo inglese . Molto interessante il pranzo con vino di riso (con serpente in infusione ) . Vale tutta la spesa e anche oltre !!!!

“einzigartiges erlebnis” - Wednesday, 12 September 2012 05:53 - Ninagoss

wir( 2 freundinnen) waren 3 tage mit den easyriders mr.Viet und Tony unterwegs. es begann in dalat, nach lake lac, nach buon ma thuot und am dritten und letzten tag nach na thrang. 
es war ein unvergessliches und einzigartiges erlebnis. 
die tour war perfekt organisiert und alles klappte einwandfrei. die unterkünfte sauber und ruhig. 
man fährt auf einem töff und macht immer und immer wieder stopps um sich sachen anzusehen. eindrücklich waren die vielen minority dörfer. man hat auch nicht das gefühl, dass man unerwünscht ist, sondern die leute kennen die easy rider und laden gern ein um ihr zuhause anzuschauen. 
der preis von 75 dollar exkl essen und übernachtung ist teuer, aber jeden dollar wert!
wir würden es wärmstens weiterempfehlen!!
danke mr.Viet und Tony!

An interesting tour! - Friday, 07 September 2012 12:51 - netherlands

we got our motor running,we headed for the highway,looking for adventure and what ever came our way!!!!!!!!we where born to be wild!!!!!!thanks to those fantastic guys who shone us the beautifull country that vietnam is!they can tell you lots of intresting things about the war and the etnic people you come across!and they are funny and friendly to!great experience!thanks a lot Davis and khien!if you want to go on tour with the easy riders ask for them!!!!mark"mb"and immo "wt" from the netherlands!
you contact them

Address : at 34 Co Loa Street,Dalat

Da dalat a mytho 1200 km di bellezze vietnamite - Sunday, 02 September 2012 02:52

Dopo aver percorso la parte nord del Vietnam, mi sono recato a Dalat, cittadina sull`altopiano centrale. Li mi sono imbattuto nella sede del "vietnameasyrider company" dove parlando con Thanh abbiamo sviluppato un percorso sull`altipiano di tre notti, ma quando gli ho detto che poi avrei passato qualche giorno nel delta del Mekong mi ha offerto un pacchetto di otto giorni. Certo il prezzo non era basso, ma quell`avventura in moto mi allettava particolarmente; diciamo che ho seguito il mio istinto, e ne sono stato ripagato ampiamente. Ho passato dei giorni indimenticabili, in zone che altrimenti non avrei mai visto, in strade sicuramente non battute dai circuiti turistici. Una bella faticata, 8 giorni a bordo di una Honda 125, 1200 Km percorsi, facendo il turista si, ma Vietnamita., mangiando con loro, nei loro ristoranti, le loro pietanze.
Debbo dire che il npopolo vietnamita mi ha accolto molto bene, un popolo che ama sorridere cosa altro avrebbe potuto fare. Comunque tutto questo lo debbo sicuramente a Thanh, mi e` stato vicino sempre, facendo fatica a spiegarmi le cose, dato il mio povero inglese, ma non ha mai ceduto, ci fermavamo a bere del succo di canna da zucchero e mi spiegava la storia e la cultura del popolo vietnamita di quella data zona, direi impareggiabile.
Se volete fare un`esperienza davvero diversa contattate il "" e con loro createvi il vostro percorso ideale, in bossa al lupo.

The tour ever!!! - Monday, 27 August 2012 05:41 - Switzerland

We moved on to Dalat the next day, a picturesque town high up in the mountains of the central highlands. We were almost giddy with all the clean, fresh mountain air after the stifling claustrophobia of Ho Chi Minh! Dalat was once called Le Petit Paris during French occupation and features it's own mini Eiffel Tower; it's also known as the City of Eternal Spring thanks to its temperate climate and is Vietnam's favourite honeymoon spot. There is a tonne of things to see and do around the city, but most of the sights are pretty far flung and can be difficult to get to. Luckily, Dalat has an excellent alternative to the usual rubbish tourist trips, The Easy Riders – a group of tour guides who happily arrange tailored trips in and around the city and take you on their touring motorbikes. They are so popular that dozens of other guys around the town have adopted the name, some even have uniforms and offices, so it's almost impossible to figure out who are the new guys and who are the originals! They all carry books of testimonials from previous customers, so we went with a guy called Viet ( who had testimonials from 15 years ago, so we at least knew that he had loads of experience. He also had a really nice powerful motorbike instead of a little feeble scooter, so that decided it for us – the last thing you want is to be clinging to the back of a little scooter struggling up those steep and windy mountain roads! 

We had a very full day with Viet and another guide, Chilli, and visited Dragon Pagoda, a strawberry farm, a flower farm, a coffee plantation, a rice wine distillery, Linh An Thu pagoda, Elephant Waterfall, a silk farm, a minority village where local Vietnamese from the mountains live, and finally, Crazy House, a crazy house designed by an eccentric local architect. The rice wine distillery wins hands down for surprise factor, as the distillery was in a pigsty, very strange. But our favourite of the stops was Elephant Falls, a huge, wide waterfall where we were able to climb down behind the sheet of water and see the waterfall cascading over the rock above and around us. It was fantastic. The silk farm was very interesting for both of us, particularly Kieran – Grainne had explained to him beforehand how silk is made but he had scoffed at her and refused to believe her, so he had to eat his words when he found out she was right! For those who don't know, this is the process. Silk Moths mate and lay a rake of eggs and then die. The eggs hatch into Mulberry Silkworms which live for about a month, before enclosing themselves in a cocoon made from threads produced in their salivary glands, so that they can transform into Silk Moths and continue the cycle. The threads of the cocoon are 300 to 900 metres long and are particularly strong, fine and lustrous. Can you see where we're going with this?... The cocoons are soaked in boiling water to loosen the threads and allow them to unravel, then they are wound onto spools as silk thread. About 2,000 to 3,000 cocoons are required to make a pound of thread. So that's what silk is. Moth cocoons painstakingly unwound thread by thread and woven into fabric. IT'S TRUE!!

A great journey! - Wednesday, 22 August 2012 06:12 - Netherlands

I have just finiished a 5 day ride through the Ho Chi Minh trail from Nha trang to Hoi An & it was amazing, our guide was Viet, who was recomended by our friend  in Nha Trang, Viet came to visit us the day before the trip to make sure we knew all the info about the trip & felt comfortable with him, which was great, he is easy to get along with and knows everything there is to know about Vietnamese culture & history, we would stop off every hour or so to local spots which you would never see, riding through minority villages with the kids yelling hello and waving in amazment, i cant explain how good this was. It has everything you would want to see out of Vietnam, Mountains, wildlife, temples, real culture, plantations etc, too much to write.
The food was AMAAZING, & the guys make sure you pay local prices.
It was worth every penny..
We paid $75 per day & you pay for your own food, the hotels are included, which were great, i thought they would be cheap budget rooms but they were the best i had stayed in so far.
If you have the time make sure you do this trip, its a life changer,

Thank you very much Viet


Original guides! - Saturday, 18 August 2012 15:18 - Canada

As 2 females travelling through Vietnam we had heard about Easyriders and been told how amazing the trip is and were interested however a bit vary of travelling around on motorbikes with strangers.We contacted at via the address at 34 Co Loa Street,DaLat.And the manager,Viet who arranged the guides Chilli and Hung doing a three day trip with us.I’m very glad we met them as the trip with them has been the highlight of Vietnam for me so far. The scenery in the Central Highlands is breathtaking and experiencing it from the back of a motorbike was something really special.

As someone who is not used to motorbikes this was all very new for me but their driving was incredibly safe. Chilli and Hung were always checking we were okay and comfortable. We stopped often to take in the scenery or for some excursion, all of which was incredibly interesting as these two guides are a wealth of knowledge about their country. 

Thank you so much Chilli and Hung, we will never forget you two and our amazing travels with you! Thank you for showing us the real Vietnam and Mr Viet

Chilli, the best!!! - Friday, 10 August 2012 11:02 - Canada

We had no plans to ride motorcycles in Vietnam until we met Jean and Chilly at the Dalat bus station. They convinced us to do a day trip around Dalat and see what it felt like to be on motorcycles. We enjoyed our tour and felt comfortable on the bikes. We then embarked on a three-day trip from Dalat to Nha Trang with our backpacks. Our personal belongings were well protected at all times and we felt safe with our drivers. Jean has a great command of English. His knowledge of Vietnam, its people and culture is amazing! We made a number of stops each day, each one different from the previous one in a way that helped us to understand the daily lives of many Vietnamese people. The motorbike trip has been one of the highlights of our one-month tour of Vietnam. We highly recommend this trip to others. Thank you, Jean & Chilly!

3-tages-tour easyriders vietnam - Tuesday, 07 August 2012 13:21 - Paris

Wir waren 3 Tage mit Man und Viet unterwegs. Unsere Tour fuehrte uns von Da Lat in die Highlands zum Lak-See und ueber Gia Nghao wieder zurueck nach Da Lat. Wir durften auf dieser Tour geniale und einmalige Eindruecke sammeln: neben den Besuchen in einer Seidenfabrik und einer Kaffeplantage, probieren von Reiswein, schwimmen beim Wasserfall und Beobachten eines Langhausbaus bei einer der Minoritaeten, gehoerte v.a. das Vietnamesische Essen zum Highlight. Unsere beiden Fuehrer waren sehr bemueht, dass alles einigermassen sauber und das Essen fuer unsere Magen gut vertraeglich ist. Wir fuehlten uns sehr sicher auf dem Motorrad und wenn wir etwas anschauten blieb immer einer bei den Motorraedern und behielt unser Gepaeck im Auge.
Fuer 75 Dollar pro Tag und Person war das Ganze nicht billig aber es war das Geld wert und wird uns in bester Erinnerung bleiben.

Beautiful trip to Hoian! - Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:59

Mr. Viet was recommended by friends of ours, that also took a tour with him. We contacted him with our wishes and he directly responded with a detailed plan. Since only my boyfriend was able to drive a motorcycle, I had to sit on the back. I've never felt unsafe, eventhough I don't always feel safe in a car. 
Mr.Viet is a really nice and smart guy, he's very hygienic (he provides babytowels before and after dinner, cleanes the spoons and forks) has a good sense of humour, he's fluent in english and his knowledge of history is huge. He made our trip better than good. 
Eventhough we had a lot of rain during our trip, the scenery was stunning. He kept cheering us up, by telling 'I promiss you, tomorrow no rain, hundred percent sure!'. Although he didn't keep his promiss, we still had a blast. He showed us so many things we would have never seen without him: all kinds of plantations (rubber, tea, coffee, pepper), factories (silk, noodle), minority people and the best restaurants. And he told us so many things we would never have known without him: the entire colonial history of Vietnam, traditions, manners and more. He knows a lot about everything, he can answer every question asked. 
The tour includes everything accept coffee and alcohol: motorbikes, gas, protection against teh rain if neccesary, nice hotels (with wifi, hot water, aircon, good beds), breakfast, lunch, dinner. Because Mr.Viet chooses the food, you get a really good impression of the Vietnamese kitchen. He really enjoys good food himself, so you never have to worry about a getting hungry. 
We highly recommend Easy Riders Vietnam and especially Mr.Viet. When we return to Vietnam one day, we will definately take another tour with him! It was the highlight of our holiday so far. Thanks Mr. Viet!

Contact at

Nice DaLat!!! - Friday, 20 July 2012 13:01 - United Kingdom

Having arrived in Dalat we were sure we wanted to do a motorbike tour to see the best of Dalat. We definately got to see the best and more! With the help of our excellent riders Chilli and Ly we experienced the different areas of Dalat and their different minorities, saw coffee and tea plantations, flower farms and beautiful scenery. Our guides were also very knowledgeable about Vietnam, it's history, and the people. We visited Elephant waterfalls and enjoyed some authentic vietnamise food for lunch, along with rice wine and snake wine! Throughout the whole day we felt very safe on the back of our bikes and would recomend it to anyone who wants to see a lot of Dalat in a short space of time.
- United Kingdom

An amazing trip with Viet - Tuesday, 17 July 2012 23:27 - Áutralia

At first I was a bit suspicious doing a tour on a motorbike especially me being a single woman...but I decided to go on a 2 day trip from Dalat to Nha Trang. On the first day I extended my trip to 3 days cause it just was awesome! Viet from the is such a smart and wise guy! He took me to so many places, stopped many times for me to take pictures, brought me to this lovely hill tribe family, explained everything to me about the country and the local people.Viet is a very safe driver, knows a lot of Vietnam plus its history and was always concerned about my needs and wishes. He showed me the real Vietnam and I really regret it now that I didn't book a tour all the way up to Hoi An. Viet even made my 22th birthday very special by organizing a small party and introducing me to real Vietnamese food! If you have the chance to go on a tour with the Easyriders, go for it! It was the best experience I've made during my time traveling the world. Thank you very much Viet for sharing your wisdom and your stories with me! When I come back to Dalat - and I sure will at some stage - I definitely go on a tour again with Viet! I'm already looking forward to that. Here's the link of the real, original Easyriders in vietnam in and I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did! Easy Riders Easy Riders Vietnam

Awesome!!! - Tuesday, 17 July 2012 10:50 - Germany

On the 30th of May I took a day-long Easy Riders tour around Da Lat with Mr. lân. We left at 8h and returned at 16h after having seen many beautiful landscapes, a waterfall, temples, done a bit of trekking and visited a coffee shop. The tour cost 35USD and was well worth it.

After a very good first impression, I decided to heed Mr. lân's offer to take me to Nha Trang in 2 days. Normaly the tour consists of 3 days but I had little tume left and the offer was tempting. Dayly cost: 75usd (includes hostel and snacks on the way).

I was unfortunately a bit sick on the second tour but it was still a memorable experience going through the lush Vietnamese fields, seing how the local population/minorities live, tryin the local snacks and arriving at the beautiful blue Nha Trang.

I wish I had more time to spend in Vietnam, in which case I would definitely have gone all the way up to the DMZ after going throug Hoi An and Hue.

I have only good things to say about Mr. lân: respectful, mindful, polite, knoledgable, well-humoured and attentive. 
If you go easyriding (which you should), go for Mr. lân at 34 Co loa,Da Lat,Vietnam.


Contact at :

Wonderful VietNam!!! - Thursday, 05 July 2012 12:46 - Germany

Anyone visiting Vietnam with an adventurous mind shouldn't miss any kind of travel with THE Easy Riders! Whether it's 1, 3 or maybe even 6 days, this is really the best opportunity to see a part of the world everyone is dreaming of. The area around Da Lat, in Vietnam's (South) Central Highlands, is simply unique. I had the chance to travel for 3 days with Sinh (from Da Lat to Nha Trang). Sinh is a very kind, funny, polite, mature and intelligent man who showed me those sides of Vietnam you don't see when you just go from city to city by bus. He knows everything about his amazing country: culture, history, customs, relationships, and has taken so many travellers on his motorbike that he can easily compare different points of views and enchant you all the time with interesting stories, experiences, language particularities which make this trip very rich. And even more unforgettable. Don't miss this opportunity to visit the REAL Vietnam!! Thank you Sinh!! Easy Riders Easy Riders Vietnam.Contact at

An experienced trip! - Wednesday, 04 July 2012 01:30 - Germany

Myself and Partner (Jen's review below!) had such an amazing time over the vietnamoriginaleasyrider 4 days we had booked, we extended for another day from Da lat to Nah trang. After being with Hung for 4 awesome days this time we went with Mr Viet (The Owner of the company) we were well looked after and went through the national park (like top gear did!) which provided incredible views! 
Being able to rock up to out of the way small Vietnamese cafe/restaurants and have food ordered for you was great. We ate fantastic traditional Vietnamese food that we may not have experienced otherwise. Jen was on the back of Davis / Mr Viet’s bike and felt safe at all the time, I was on my own bike and was easy to keep up with both of them and always felt like we could stop at any point. I ran out of petrol when with Davis and with a quick beep of the horn he looked back and within 5 minutes we were filled up and back on the road!
This put a fair dent in our backpacker budget and before booking we were apprehensive, but after experiencing what we did, we've never looked back!
Thanks again. 
Rob & Jen. 
P.s thanks for the coffee & tea Davisi, we will think of our trip while sipping on real Vietnamese coffee back in Barnsley!

The best trip ever! - Monday, 02 July 2012 03:25 - Shanhai


Meravigliosa esperienza nella vite vietnamita!!! - Tuesday, 26 June 2012 08:57 - Italy

Sono una ragazza di 33 anni che sta facendo il giro del mondo di un anno da sola. 
Ho incontrato Chilli easy rider alla fermata dell'autobus di Dalat. Mi ha aiutato a trovare un hotel e mi ha dato un sacco di informazioni sul paese e sulle central highlands. 
Fino a quel momento avevo viaggiato con bus, aerei e treni, ma dopo aver chiacchierato con Chilli ho deciso di affidarmi a un easy rider professionale. 
Durante i tre giorni di tour ho potuto apprezzare il vero Vietnam, capire la guerra del Vietnam, la cultura, la filosofia Buddista, la storia di questo meraviglioso paese e vedere dei paesaggi meravigliosi. Inoltre ho assaggiato l'ottima cucina tipica e incontrato diverse minoranze etniche e ... 
Se volete assaporare la vera essenza del vietnam contattate Chilli che oltre ad essere un ottimo guidatore e' anche un profondo conoscitore del suo paese nonche' una delle persone che ho avuto modo di incontrare piu' gentile e amabile.



DaLat to HoiAn - Tuesday, 15 May 2012 06:05 - Netherlands

My friend Jaimie and I decided to book a tour with Mr.Viet because of the recommendation from a friend. After our tour, I can't say it enough: vietnam easyrider company is excellent. It's the best motorcycle tour group in Vietnam, in my opinion. First of all, the tours are incredible. They bring you close to the land and close to the people. No wonder they advertise a tour of the "real Vietnam." You see roads no other tourists are likely to travel, which means you meet people, such as the various ethnic minority groups, who are happy to meet you and who are incredibly beautiful people. Plus, you see views of the countryside that are breathtakingly gorgeous. It was a beautiful experience, and I am extrememly grateful to our tour guides, Viet and Chilli, who were always respectful, polite, and genuine to all the people they met, not only us. Secondly, the vietnam easyrider  is honest and professional. Their bikes are comfortable, clean, and reliable. Safety comes first and Viet and Chilli were very careful, defensive drivers. Plus, this Easy Rider tour insures itself and its riders. They are copyrighted and pay full attention to the regulations of the law. But most importantly, they are trustworthy. That's why I'm giving them a 5-star rating. Viet and Chilli were men of strong character, and they were always gentlemen-like with my friend, Jaimie, always pulling out the chair for her and carrying her heavy luggage. Finally, throughout the trip, you always stop for coffee and tea, and have a good lunch. Viet and Chilli were both fluent in English, which meant that we could communicate openly, often joking around. They were always real with us and knew the history of the country. In Chilli's case, he knew the history of the country firsthand. In the end, we all connected and became friends. There were definitely some good hugs given when they dropped us off at the airport and we all said goodbye. I had an inspiring and somewhat transformative experience being on the road with these guys. I grew close to the the land and the people, and it was the people we met, the beautiful people who work in roadside factories and live in the highlands, that really made the trip 100 times more excellent. Check out the YouTube link below for a video I made of my trip. It only shows the road and the views. I hope to get all my photos together soon and post them on the VietNam Easy Rider company  website. I hope you find this helpful. Bring your sunscreen, a good sense of adventure, and a good camera. The guys at this company will go above and beyond to do the rest and make sure you have a 5-star experience. My name's Son and I live in Netherlands,

Contact  Mr .Viet at : 

The office address:34 Co Loa Street,DaLat City,VietNam

Son ,

4 tage von dalat nach muine! - Wednesday, 02 May 2012 02:02 - Germany

Wir, ein Paar 60+, waren anfangs etwas skeptisch wie so eine Tour wohl ablaufen wird und wie sicher es sein würde. Doch ich muss sagen, die EasyRider, Viet und Chilli, waren wirklich absolut super und haben schnell alle Zweifel beseitigt. Sehr sichere und angenehme Fahrer. Es war einfach nur phantastisch wie sie uns "ihr Vietnam" gezeigt haben. Ich kann den Beiden einfach nur ein ganz ganz großes Lob aussprechen. Nach den 4 Tagen war ich echt traurig, dass diese tolle Tour schon zu Ende war.......aber es war sicherlich nicht die letzte Tour, die wir mit den Easy Ridern gemacht haben. Also bis bald
Renate und Jean-René