4 day tour!! - Sunday, 29 April 2012 08:47 - Germany

Wir sind zu zweit und hatten eine wirklich Klasse Zeit mit den beiden Original Easy Ridern Mr. Ba und Nguyen Su. Die beiden haben sich super um alles gekümmert, die Unterkünfte waren alle ok bis super, es gab lecker Essen auf der Straße und überall auf dem Weg Erklärungen. Wir waren im Zentralen Hochland unterwegs, Richtung Kambodscha, haben an vielen Wasserfällen gehalten, Familienbetriebe besucht, Kaffee - und Teeplantagen gesehen und, und und ... Die beiden haben immer darauf geachtet, dass es uns gutgeht und wir hatten viel Spaß! Vielen Dank an beide!!!



Dalat to nhatrang - Tuesday, 24 April 2012 23:23 - Holand

Anyone visiting Vietnam with an adventurous mind shouldn't miss any kind of travel with THE Easy Riders! Whether it's 1, 3 or maybe even 6 days, this is really the best opportunity to see a part of the world everyone is dreaming of. The area around Da Lat, in Vietnam's (South) Central Highlands, is simply unique. I had the chance to travel for 3 days with Viet (from Da Lat to Nha Trang). Viet is a very kind, funny, polite, mature and intelligent man who showed me those sides of Vietnam you don't see when you just go from city to city by bus. He knows everything about his amazing country: culture, history, customs, relationships, and has taken so many travellers on his motorbike that he can easily compare different points of views and enchant you all the time with interesting stories, experiences, language particularities which make this trip very rich. And even more unforgettable. Don't miss this opportunity to visit the REAL Vietnam!! Thank you Viet!! Easy Riders Easy Riders Vietnam.Contact him at ww.vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com

A nice 3 day!!! - Friday, 20 April 2012 13:47 - Germany


Leider hatten wir nur 3 Tage Zeit, um von DaLat nach Saigon zu fahren. Trotzdem haben Chilli und Khuong in diesen 3 Tagen alles gegeben, um uns Vietnam näher zu bringen. Was auch immer wir sehen wollten, Chilli hat einen Weg bzw. Menschen gefunden, die es uns erklärt haben. Ob Tee- oder Kaffeeplantage, Seiden- oder Pilzmanufaktur, Ziegelfabrik, Grundschule, Reispapierherstellung, Wurzelholz-Schnitzerei oder Cashewnussgewinnung, alles wurde uns bis ins kleinste Detail gezeigt. Die beiden sind sehr vorsichtige und umsichtige Fahrer, so dass man sich sehr schnell auf dem Sozius entspannen und die Landschaft geniessen konnte. Die Unterkünfte sind sehr einfach und man sollte eventuell vor der Tour die Erwartungen an das Hotel mit den Easy Ridern abklären. Wenn mehr Zeit gewesen wäre, hätten wir die Tour unbedingt verlängert, weil man so viel mehr vom Alltagsleben der Vietnamesen mitbekommt. Hiermit noch einmal vielen Dank an Chilli und Khuong.. 


A nice day - Monday, 02 April 2012 09:00 - France

Super journee dans les alentours de Dalat !! Nos guides Mr Viet and Mr Khuong savaient enormement de choses et nous ont appris beaucoup sur leur culture et leur pays. On a pu leur poser toutes les questions qu'on voulait sur n'importe quel sujet. Leur conduite etait tres prudente, et la ballade en moto etait magnifique Nous avons fait le tour a 26 USD et nous avons visite plein de sites: culture de cafe, fabrique de soie, ferme de fleurs, chutes de l'elephant... avec a chaque fois plein de petites anecdotes. Nous recommandons ce tour, (une des exursion les plus interessante que nous ayons faites depuis 1 mois de voyage au Vietnam!), nous allons meme peut etre nous laisser tenter par une excursion dans le delta du mekong avec eux!
- France

Unver gessliche fahrt mit Chilli und Viet - Friday, 09 March 2012 13:29 - Germany

Wir hatten ursprünglich nicht geplant, eine Tour mit vietnam easyrider zu unternehmen. 
Als wir mit dem Bus an Da Lats Busbahnhof ankamen, boten uns Chilli und Viet an, uns umsonst zu unserem Hotel zu fahren und uns dort über ihre Touren zu informieren. 
Obwohl wir sehr misstrauisch waren, willigten wir ein und entschieden uns im Folgenden für eine zweitägige Tour nach Bao Loc. 
Dies war eine der besten Entscheidungen während unserer Reise!
Nicht nur die Fahrt an sich war atemberaubend, die Beiden konnten uns durch ihr Wissen und ihre Kontakte auch sehr informative und spannende Einblicke in das Alltagsleben der Vietnamesen bieten, die wir sonst sicher nicht erhalten hätten. 
Chilli und Viet sind sehr aufgeschlossene, nette Menschen und sprechen beide Englisch, Chilli auch Französisch und etwas Deutsch.
Wir hätten gerne mehr Zeit für die Fahrt mit den Beiden gehabt und empfehlen jedem, das Geld in eine Tour mit ihnen zu investieren. 

Einer der großen Höhepunkte unserer Reise!

Unforgettable trip!!!! - Thursday, 01 March 2012 05:38 - Norway

Four  friends and I have just completed an 10 day ride with Vietnam original easyrider from Hue to Saigon and we could not recommend the company any more. Viet, our tour guide, has over 15+ years of experience, which shone through the entire trip with a wealth of local and historical knowledge proving invaluable and guaranteeing that no attraction worth seeing was missed and all meals were of fantastic quality and price. The scenery through the country is second to none and having such a professional company lead you through and assist at all times including with accommodation and translation is a must to make it an unforgettable trip.   Anyone considering doing a trip on motorbikes through Vietnam should definitely consider Vietnam  Easyriders (www.vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com) At no point did we ever feel unsafe or underprepared on the ride and the experience will stick with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for the trip.

Mr.Qitz Ronald - Friday, 10 February 2012 11:04 - Germany

Confused by the many reports with various companies, we eventually decided to go with www.easyrider.vn for a few reasons. Firstly, we only had an afternoon and liked the idea of touring in the refurbed '65 ex army jeep (also because it had been raining most time since we had arrived - a bit more comfortable than the back of a bike). Also, the website gave a fairly concise rundown of where we would - or could go, depending on the time and our preferences. We were picked up by Lee at our hotel at 1pm and taken for a value packed afternoon around Dalat. Lee was very informative, courteous and eager to ensure we had a good time. We enjoyed it so much we ended up calling Lee that night and arranging for a trip further afield the next afternoon. I would definitely recommend their tour if you don't have much time and want a fun packed tour of Dalat.

Real VietNam!!! - Tuesday, 07 February 2012 13:07 - Holland

I'll start off by saying: This was the best time I had in Vietnam! 
After a 3 week trip, I had arrived in Nha Trang, where easy rider Bin picked me up at the hotel: a friendly, happy man, with whom I'll spend 3 days in the Central Highlands in Vietnam. He apologises for the first couple of miles on the highway, and soon we're riding through the mountains, everythings green and quiet, entering the real Vietnam. He pauzes once every hour or so, to show you rice fields where he acts as an interpreter between you and the farmers, tapioca, coffee and cacao fields, rubber tree forests, local markets, rice paper and silk worm factories. He's really a walking encyclopedia, sharing everything he knows about the local culture, habits, remnants of the Vietnam war and nature. All with a huge smile and some funny anecdotes. He takes you to special places: I stood behind the Dray Nu water falls, letting the water gush over me, had the best Vietnam coffee and food on the trip, visited minority villages and talked to so many curious locals. 
An easy rider trip really submerges you in the country, I can only stress that this is highly - highly! - recommended!!! Going through vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com

Dalat to Nhatrang - Monday, 06 February 2012 08:58 - Germany

Dalat to Nah Trang in 3 days with Easy Rider Guide Chilli! This is the most amazing trip, I wish I had time to book a longer tour! Chilli speaks incredible English and has a wonderful way of explaining everything we see and all the places we visit. He has been generous, thoughtful, very professional and a lot of fun the whole time. When I booked this trip I had no idea just how much I would see, learn and experience. My eyes and my smile have got bigger and bigger everyday! If you are considering doing a trip I would say just go for it! It is worth ever penny, a very special experience :)

Beautiful trip! - Saturday, 04 February 2012 06:32 - Germany

The first tour I did with the Original Easy Riders (Davis being my guide) in 2012 was incredible. 2 days from Dalat to Nha Trang through the mountains and along the coast. I did another tour last month with my family and Davis made special arrangements to be our guide once again. This time we went from Dalat to Mui Ne, a shorter route through the highlands. He was very patient in teaching my parents how to drive the motorcycles and after about an hour we all felt comfortable. Davis took us to several viewpoints, waterfalls, and farms, and let us explore at a relaxed pace. I would highly recommend this tour group to anyone who likes to laugh and have adventures on the road.Contact  at :originaleasyrider@gmail.com

A fantastic and unforgettable experience! - Friday, 03 February 2012 10:14 - Germany

I experienced an Easy Rider in Dalat while doing an online research to find the original easy rider vietnam which sounds to be taken seriously. I found this particular company on two different websites and it was quickly confirmed that both are working together.
It was important to me as a woman travelling on my own that the service is fully trustworthy and safe. I was sure I definitely want to do that, all I needed was to find the right people.

This business has got a licence given by the government to protect their business ideas/tours/colour (blue/white). Also, when you are going with them, you will be insured, which is also quite important. Viet spoke good English and knew what he’s speaking about. He explained me the setup of that particular business, the insurance thing, where the tour is going along approximately as every rider is having its own way in choosing the off the beaten track roads, which on the other hand also depends on the customers interests, I occasionally thought I might need a spare hard disc to safe all this up, haha. We visited a few villages, markets, waterfalls, coffee, cacao fermentation, rubber trees plantations, different production processes etc. We’d lunch and dinner together. As I’m not a food adventurer it narrowed the choice of meal which was still interesting and I ate with fingers too, basically I’d to put myself into the shoes of a different culture, which was fantastic and made me understood how spoilt western cultures can be. I actually would’ve done with three days as my bum was calling out with pain on day four ;) But I don’t regret to have done the whole trip, which taught me a lot, more than I've expected and gave me a new lifetime and unforgettable experience
I’m happy that I’ve done that trip with thevietnameasyrider and not with a stranger introduced by somebody in a totally different town (HoiAn) in Vietnam, who was sitting on my heels and not giving me the peace in making a decision whether I’m doing that trip with that bloke or not. With such guy I would not’ve felt comfortable as he also doesn’t provide any insurance, didn’t give me his contact number, nor does he has a website and he almost forced me to fill out the contract sheet. – You won’t experience that issue with this company, if you want to go, you will need to tell them.

I wish them all the best and other nice clients to tour around.
Andreas ( Germany)

Hoian to Dalat - Wednesday, 18 January 2012 10:32 - Germany

Terrific way to explore Vietnam : www.vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com  After reading so many good reviews we decided on very short notice to contact Mr Viet, manager of the original easy rider company in Dalat, to do a 6 day tour from Hoi An to Dalat. In 2 days time he managed to arrange it to all. So in the morning two guides showed up (Mr Chilli and Hung) greeting us in our own language..good start I thought. And off we went on a 6  day adventure with 2 guys that could of been our dads :) a load of experience and thoughtfulness,you can imagine.They were both working as easy riders for already 15 years!! Enough to convince me that they are the original ones, and they proved it. Every day we stopped at heaps of places, the full itineary would take pages. They tried to show us all and everything of their country and culture; going from organic farming to trying all different kinds of vietnamese food to the way the ethnic minorities live and off course vietnams harsh history of war. It was realy very interesting, not one stop too much. And all that in decent english, and some bits in german and french, we were impressed. Enough relaxing stops on the way, chilling in a hammock with a coffee..good idea :) The hotels were all good as well,mostly locally owned, like the restaurants. The hotel Eden was certainly our favorite. This was the perfect way for our last week in vietnam, no tourist busses, off the beaten track, all questions answered, and very good company. I have to say, Chilli Phuc and Hung did an amazing job. Not just superb service, also good chats and heaps of laughing. Even after arriving in Dalat, we met again the next morning for obtaining the easy rider Tshirt, and ...

Love VietNam ! - Wednesday, 11 January 2012 14:00 - England

If you are reading this then you have contacted the wonderful gentlemen and tour guides. I have just completed a 6 day trip with Chilli. Chilli who is one of the tour guides at vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com and it has been the highlight of my 4 month trip to Asia

Mr. Chilli is a brilliant driver, always safe and cautious taking great care of you but over and above this, he will ensure that you have an amazing trip. Show you the highlights and taking you on an adventure.

He’s also a wealth of knowledge on all things in Vienam. What Chilli does know is worth knowing so if you are looking to get off the beaten track and experience the real Vietnam. Look no further, Mr.Chilli and the guides here are definitely your men.

Thank you so much Mr. Chilli and hope to travel with you again.



 We love Vietnam !!:

A must do !!! - Wednesday, 11 January 2012 14:00 - Netherlands

A friend and I had only a few days to see South Vietnam and heard great feedback from others about the Easy Riders Experience. After doing some research to find the vietnam original Easy Rider among the masses we found many amazing reviews on Mr. Viet and his riders at www.vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com .... They were all so right on! We were lucky enough to get Mr. Viet as our personal guide and I rode on the back of his bike for five days while he provided my friend with his own bike and even taught him how to ride it! 
The entire trip was phenomenal... Mr. Viet took us from Nha Tran through the gorgeous central highlands ... To Dalat and then took us straight to the Saigon airport on the last day so we could hop directly on our flight. 
We experienced amazing local cuisine, saw the real daily life of south Vietnam, and experienced extreme kindness everywhere we went from the locals. Mr. Viets trips takes you through cities and towns you would never see as a tourist unless you take a bike with Mr. Viet and his riders. In most places we stopped we were in fact the ONLY tourists there! Everyday we learned something new about Vietnam. Mr Viet and his riders not only take you out all day but spends the evening to with you to experience a local dinner and to have a fun evening out. 
Mr. Viet and his team are amazing and I recommend him to everyone who is coming to visit southeast asia! 
You can email Mr. Viet at vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com

awesome adventure!!! - Wednesday, 11 January 2012 05:30 - Cananda

We heard about the vietnam easyrider via afriend from Ho Chi Ming city and made a decision to book a long trip from Mekong to the north VietNam with Mr Viet and Mr Chilli.My husband and I spent 14 days through the central highlands.. Every day was breathtaking, from the scenery to the culture, not your ordinary tour guides these guides go far and beyond the call of duty. plenty of laughs and lifetime memories were possible thanks to their professionalism (and patience) we always felt safe both on and off the bikes.. Golly gosh I just love them!! I'm very grateful for the holiday they have us (I got a little tear in my eye right now!) Defiantly money well spent and defiantly will do it all again!!!! Simply marvellous!!!! Xoxoxox..



Thanks so much again Viet and Chilli

8 awesome days - Tuesday, 10 January 2012 16:38 - Canada

Just back from a month in Vietnam and the highlight of our trip was our 8 days on the motorcycle with Viẹt and Chilli. We booked from Canada to be picked up in Dalat for our trip along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Viet & Chilli were waiting for us in the morning as we appeared in the lobby. Relief and excitement!
A bit of background, we are turning 40 this year and wanted to get into the back country as my husband is a photographer and I wanted to meet the diverse ethnic groups (my university studies). We had eight days of full exploration. It seemed like our drivers never tired and we started bright and early and ended after a full dinner at a local restaurant. We had requested to meet, eat and enjoy the local way of life and that is exactly what Viet introduced us to.
we have only positive words for Viet and his company. who are reliable, honest, funny, intelligent, an animal lover and a true humanitarian. They are  FABULOUS and SAFE drivers, never taking chances and always checking that we were comfortable. I only eat fish and Viet and Chilli  made sure they always picked places with enough choices for us. Viet knows his history of Vietnam . He is adored by the locals too and when pressed, he will modestly reveal how he has helped to get clean water into several orphanages. 
Chilli is a sweetie with a great sense of humor.the best guitar player He was the driver for my husband and had endless patience stopping for his photography. We had great laughs with him. 
There are many motorcycle companies in Vietnam, many whom have copied Viet (he is the first). I highly suggest you book with Viet and his team, it will be the best time of your life.
I'm hear to answer any questions you may have!

A wonderful trip! - Tuesday, 10 January 2012 10:47 - Canada

We wanted to do a motor guided trip in Vietnam, via tripadvisor we found Mr Len and Mr Trung. Beforehand we were a bit scared to do a trip with people you don't know. We met in a bar in Dalat. And we instantly like Len and Trung, and felt safe to do a tour with them. The next day we went onna four day motorbike trip from Dalat to Mui Ne. They showed us the real Vietnam. We went trough small villages, met local families, visited a coffee, silk farm and walked around a chopstick factory, visited a couple of waterfalls, and had stunning views of the nature around us. The arranged accommodations were great, except one in a homestay that was in the middle of a farm haha. You can also choose to stay in a hotel. The food we had was one of the best we had in Vietnam, and... very cheap. The last day we where in a hurry to get at our final destination. So we took the fast road(highway) this wasn't the nicest road. We would have like it if they communicated a little bit more about the plan and the route they take. But nevertheless the guides where very enthousiastic, had great knowledge of the surroundings and were very easy going. So real easy riders!


Contact at :vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com or via : originaleasyrider@gmail.com

Supperbe! - Sunday, 08 January 2012 00:13 - France

2 jours escapade en couple...
Un superbe moyen de découvrir un Vietnam plus authentique.
Un contact direct avec la "Nature". La visite de nombreux sites sur le parcours.
Une équipe sympathique. Ne pas hésiter de leur demander de stopper si besoin pour photos car parfois un peu rapide.
De bons moments à renouveler.
on peut les contacter facilement via leur site internet, avec une prise en charge très rapide.

Nice experience! - Wednesday, 28 December 2011 23:47 - Canada

Having never ridden on any sort of motorbike before we were all definitely a bit apprehensive about booking a motorbike tour. After a chat with a few of the members, we got really excited about the day ahead, albeit a bit nervous! We have to say it was an absolutely fantastic day and an invaluable experience and insight into Vietnam and Dalat culture, even though it was short but sweet! We couldn't have asked for friendlier, funnier or more accommodating guides. All spoke impeccable English and come with a fountain of knowledge. Not once did we feel unsafe. Definitely one of the best days of our trip so far. Couldn't recommend it more! Viet, Chilli, Do - you're all absolutely "dien" and definitely the "top banana" guides!! Can't wait to come back and do the long tour! Thank you!! Easy Riders Vietnam Easy Riders Vietnam.www.vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com

real easyrider! - Wednesday, 21 December 2011 09:50 - Australia

After recommendations by other travellers my partner and I booked a tour with VietNam easyrider from Nha Trang to Dalat. Firstly, these are the original easy riders and there and too many imitation companies to count. The website that trip advisor lists is not correct. Contact Mr Viet at originaleasyrider@gmail.com or the website  : www.vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com. Picked up from hotel in Nha Trang we travelled into the Central highlands on Day 1, visiting a local farming family, brick factory and other stops for great scenic photos. We stayed at a comfortable hotel in BMT city (the capital of the highlands) on the first night. Day 2 was more touring through the highlands and stayed at Lak Resort (bungalow on a lake) the second night. Day 3 headed up the mountain to Dalat. The best part of the tour was the guides Mr Viet and Mr Chilli  Instantly we liked them as they were relaxed and friendly. Their english was fantastic and their knowledge of the every part of the country was amazing. We had been on many tours in Vietnam and this was the first one when the guides were genuinely passionate about their job. Not once were we encouraged to buy souvenirs and we paid local prices for all food and drinks on the trip. Above all they were a lot of fun. The guides were amazing drivers and not once did I worry about my safety. In fact I think riding with them is safer than taking the bus This tour is a must for everyone, we saw more of vietnam in 3 days than we had seen in the month before and it was great fun!

veldig fin tur,anbefales ! - Thursday, 01 December 2011 09:36 - Norway


Vi bestilte tur med easy rider fra HCMC til Dalat, kjørte motorsykler selv (uten erfaring) og hadde med oss Viet fra Easy Ride som guide. Vi var usikre på hvilket selskap vi skulle velge, og sendte mail til mange, og mr Viet ga raskest og best respons. Bestilte dagen før turen staret, ikke noe problem. Mr Viet fikser det meste, supervennlig og serviceinnstilt type. Snakker greit engelsk også. Turen i seg selv var en fantastisk opplevelse, en flott måte å se Vietnam på! Kjører fra ca 9-4 hver dag, men med mange spennende stopp underveis: kaffeplantasjer, teplantasjer, silkefabrikk og risvinlaging m.m. Mr.Bin introduserte oss også for deilig, lokal mat . Hotellene vi sov på var helt ok, med wifi og ac. Turen kan virkelig anbefales!



“Une superbe journée à dalat avec Chilli et Duen” - Wednesday, 02 November 2011 14:36 - Switzerland

Nous avions une journée à consacrer à la découverte des alentours de Dalat.
Grâce à notre formidable guide francophone Chilli, nous avons passé une formidable journée.
Chutes d'eau, fleurs, café (on a même vu les fouines), soie... 
Nous avons mangé à midi dans un endroit très typique, c'était excellent!
Pour un bon guide francophone à Dalat, demandez TinTin, ses collègues se chargeront de l'appeler pour vous!
Nous avons payé 25$/ personne pour la journée.

A great trip back to DaLat - Friday, 30 September 2011 02:14 - Germany

Hey, I'm Joe from germany.
When I arrived in Dalat Mr. Viet from Vietnam  Easy riders chatched me up on the street infont of my hotel. I thought just another annoying guy who tries to rip me off. But everything was different! He invited me to their office and offerd me a free drink to read their reviews. \My original plan was to do an 6 day trip from Dalat to Hoi An. But the weather changed so on the second day, we decided to go to Nha Trang on the coast for one night and then back to Dalat, where Mr. Viet already booked me a sleeping bus ticket to Hoi An (was included!!). 
Mr. Viet was always very friendly, manged to answer all my questions and his english was pretty good! 
On the first day we went from Dalat and its amazing landscape down to the elephant waterfalls, had coffee made from weasel poo and enjoyed another amazing landscape great local food. 
the second day started with an elephant ride through the Lak Lake (-no words!!)
after we discovered the national park around the Dray Sap Waterfall and enjoyed waterfall massages in the middle of the jungle we arrived in Buon Ma Thuot and had delicous local rice rolls. - Just another day in paradise!!
on the third day from Buon Ma Thout down to Nha Trang we relaxed in hangmats, learned about the vietnam war and the regions affacted by agent orange (totally other feeling as looking on photos in museums!). After we arrived in Nha Trang we went out for fresh seefood at the local habour. (amazing!!)
The fourth day from Nha Trang up to Dalat was also amazing. Had seen the landscape in the Bus already, but to discover the pass on a motorbike.... GREAT!
Actually I think I can call Viet a friend of me, and all the time he look for me to enjoy. And I did!
Some facts: Motorbike was modern and well mantained, Viet's driving style was safe all the time and I felt very good behind him. The roads weren't flooded with other easy riders, he really knew the best and most beautiful backroads. Price was also okay with 70$ a day (good hotels, etc.)
So I just can say, do it! You can't imagine what I've seen and did in the last days. It's just the best way to discover the amazing central highlands and i defently will come back to do the trip to Hoi An. 
Highlight of my three week backpacking trip through Vietnam!!

Visited September 2011




“Kom je anders nooit..” - Thursday, 08 September 2011 00:18

Ik ben van mui ne, via da lat naar Nha trang gegaan met mr . Bin.. Je komt zo op plaatsen waar je anders niet zo snel komt je kunt lekker van het uitzicht genieten overal en komt in de kleinste dorpjes.. Hoe langer je gaat hoe meer je ziet wat een standaard toerist niet ziet. Bin is een gastvrije man vriendelijke man en ik heb lekker savonds Rijstwijn met hem zitten drinken en nog meer zitten ouwehoeren.. Het waren een paar goede dagen en ik heb er mooie foto's aan overgehouden!


Wonderful VietNam!!! - Wednesday, 07 September 2011 13:00 - France

I would like to recommend this to anyone. I am a 50+ lone female traveller and ventured out on a 5 safari with Mr My through the Vietnam Central highlands. Mr My was a real gentleman, he arranged all accommodation, provided an in-depth and informative experience of real life Vietnam. I felt comfortable and safe in his company. 
I highly recommend his tour, whatever your needs, I am sure that he would be able to satisfy to all your adventures off the tourist trail. 
Best part was that I was able to request stops wherever to take photos and Mr My was able to provide informative advice and/or suggestions.
The beauty of it is that YOU tailor make it!


Contact at : vietnamoriginaleasyrider.com