Vietnam easyrider! - Friday, 02 September 2011 12:22 - Holland


Did a day trip with the easy riders a couple of weeks ago but wish we left enough time for more. It was one of the best things I've done in Vietnam, and a great way to see stuff which you couldn't see by yourself. Also had the best lunch I've had in Vietnam. Think OrlaS788 got the price wrong as we paid a bit more, but was 100% worth it. Anyway I think you can look at the website for price and stuff.

A nice trip! - Friday, 02 September 2011 11:55 - Belgium

We, a Belgian family with 2 teens booked a daytour with the vietnamoriginaleasyrider company in Dalat, at 34 Co Loa Street. We spent the day with Mr Chilli, Mr Hung and 2 other Easy Riders (we don't know their names). These guys are very friendly and speak good English and French. They also drive in a very safe way. We booked them just the night before (as August is the low season this was not a problem) and pointed out al the things we wanted to see in and around Dalat. They have a lot of experience and are the original ones (you will see many similar guys offering the same services). You will find them at 34 Co Loa Street,Dalat or www We highly recommend them.

The best !!! - Monday, 08 August 2011 04:45 - England

Colin and I had a wonderful experience with Viet  his website and friend Davis, as we travelled from Dalat to Nha Trang on their excellent EasyRider tour. I can highly recommend Viet, as well as Davis, as they are both very trustworthy, honest, friendly and have a world of knowledge on Vietnam. They showed us some amazing places which we never could have found on our own, let alone got to so quickly, easily and safety. I travelled with Viet on the bike, and I have never been on a proper road motorbike before - so naturally I was a little bit nervous. Viet's excellent driving skills put me right at ease and he made sure I was safe for the entire journey. He would always ask 'Are you okay?', which I was, and he also taught me many things about the country as we were driving around. Viet has been an EasyRider for over 15 years, and this means that he knows everyone and everyone knows him - which comes in handy, especially when it comes to eating! Viet takes you to the BEST places to eat, and all for a cheap price. We could never finish everything put in front of us, although I wish my stomach was bigger as all the food was super delicious. As vegetarians, what we eat is really important to us, and Viet and Davis made sure that each meal we got was prepared to suit our dietary needs. I cannot recommend this trip enough! You'll love it if you go and regret it if you don't. Don't question anything, just trust yourself and DO IT!

An amazing countryside - Sunday, 17 July 2011 23:31 - Australia

The day started out drizzly but didn't dampen our enthusiasm, and was mostly fine by late morning. This was a fantastic experience and speaking as someone who doesn't spend time on a bike I felt very comfortable and very safe. Our guides were Chilli and Davis who were both personable and very friendly. Giang's English is not as good as Chilli's but he still has fairly good English and answered most of my questions. The countryside is beautiful and even though the rain made visibility limited in the morning it was still great just riding along looking at the scenery. We visited a flower farm, mushroom farm, went on a cable car, tasted weasel coffee and rice wine, saw silk manufacturing and a silk worm farm, got very wet at Elephant Falls! and had a great lunch at a small place near the falls, the kind of place that you usually see but are not game to go into by yourself! The food was great and so cheap! We also stopped at the Chicken village to see the minority Kho people, saw the flower gardens and a pagoda. The Easyriders were happy to adjust the tour to take in what we wanted to see rather than a fixed program. Chilli in particular was very knowledgeable about the district and has a wicked sense of humour! Davis, who we booked our tour with was very helpful and we were to go with him but had to postpone due to me having a bout of 'traveller's tummy'. They accommodated our change to the next day and we appreciated their help. Cost was $35 us pp which includes all entry fees but not cable car, and we paid for the drinks and lunch for the Easy Riders Vietnam and ourselves. Highly recommended! Easy Riders Easy Riders Vietnam

“vietnam du sud au nord” - Friday, 08 July 2011 00:28 - France

eme voyage avec Mr Bin, on ne s'en lasse pas, ca fait toujours plaisir de retrouver un amis!!!!!!!!!!!
Gros programme encore cette fois-ci, de Dalat a Sa pa, en passant par Hue, Nha trang, Dien bien Phu et j'en passe.........
Les easy rider sont vraiment au top, et c'est, a mon avis le meilleur moyen de decouvrir le Vietnam sous toutes ses coutures. 
pour ceux qui ne veulent pas voyager comme on vite Dysneyland, Bin est l'homme qu'il vous faut!!!!!!!!!!


A fantastic and unforgettable experience! - Monday, 04 July 2011 14:13 - Denmark

I have just finished a 6-day Easy Rider tour from Dalat to Hoi An, which was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my month-long trip to Vietnam.

My guide, Bu, was extremely friendly and easy to get along with (very important if you're travelling alone like I was). He's also an extremely safe driver and very knowledgable about all the places we visited and the history of Vietnam. He has a great relationship with the locals in all the places that we visited and really helped me to get an insight into the 'real' Vietnam.

Having travelled to many other countries, I have sometimes been sceptical of the need for a guide. But in an off the beaten track environment like this, I would say it was invaluable. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that after a couple of days in Hoi An, I took another trip with Bu up to Hue which was also a really great ride.

With many imitations around, please be assured that these guys are the real Easy Riders. They may not be the cheapest but they are definitely the best!

you contact at :

A nice day tour! - Monday, 04 July 2011 06:23 - Holland

Such a great day out! 
I'm a very nervous passenger normally but I felt so at ease with easy riders. 
They're very professional and very funny! Great guys :) they really know their stuff and their English is good. 
Wasn't keen on the lunch but I'm very picky with my food so that's not their fault. 
The only thing I'm disappointed by is not knowing that they did longer trips as we'd already pre booked our travel through Vietnam. :( 
Must do while ur in dalat... Great way to see the city and the surrounding countryside. 

A wonderful trip! - Monday, 04 July 2011 01:26 - Canada

Two older pushing 70 types with very limited time on motorcycles riding for 5 days to and from the Central Highlands where one had been stationed in the late 1960s during that terrible war. Oh yes, and accompanied by their two very intrepid wives who were passengers on motorcycles operated by our exceptionally competent guides, Mr, Davis and Quan. What could possibly go wrong? Well, very little much to our surprise and relief. Sure, the first 3 days were long and exhausting, but the solution to that problem would be to schedule a longer tour. We booked the 5 day/4 night tour from Nha Trang to Hoi An/Danang in early March, which was barely sufficient if you want to see and do everything. In fact, Mr. Davis allowed us to skip some of the customary attractions, since that would enable us to shorten the day a bit and arrive at our hotels sooner. He and Quan also agreed to start our days 45 minutes earlier than usual so we could rest a little longer between stints on the bikes. That in spite of the fact that they had to get up that much earlier to service the bikes, load our packs, and eat breakfast. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and ability and willingness to respond promptly and effectively to any situation we encountered. The entire experience was exhilarating to the point of being absurd, since there are few aspects of normal life that can provide that level of excitement and sense of fulfillment. Even close to 3 months later, part of me is still in Vietnam cruising down a winding mountain road with my traveling companions and perhaps always will be. Greetings and warm wishes to Mr. Davis and Quan should you happen to read this.

Fantastisch!!! - Sunday, 03 July 2011 04:39 - Switzerland

We leerden Chau kennen aan het busstation in Dalat. Hij bracht ons naar een hotel in het centrum. Hij stelde ons voor een tour te maken van 3 dagen met zijn vriend Star. Na lang twijfelen hebben we dan toch ingestemd. En om eerlijk te zijn hebben we daar nog geen seconde spijt van gehad. Deze 2 dagen waren echt al super om mee te maken. Chau en Chilli weten heel veel en staan altijd open voor vragen. Zij lieten ons het echte Vietnam zien en zijn er echt van beginnen houden. Ook zijn het hele vriendelijke mensen en het eten is echt lekker, laat Chau maar bestellen! Morgen is het spijtig genoeg al de laatste dag. Maar we zijn er zeker van dat dit een trip zal zijn om nooit te vergeten! Chau en Chilli zijn FANTASTISCH!!

Just do it! - Saturday, 02 July 2011 04:00 - Canada

Viet is an excellent easy Rider guide. He took really good care of me, that's why i recommand him especially. We stand together for three whole days. From Nha Trang, then Dak Lak, then Dalat and back to Nha Trang. And he can bring you in the middle of the jungle and show you many special things that you couldn't see without him. Viet speaks a really good english and has got a really good knowledges of his own country, which is perfect to meet this amazing vietnamese cultur. And if he is not available is working with 5 or 6 other guides, so do not worry, he will find the best for you!!

A wonderful trip! - Friday, 01 July 2011 14:40 - Canada

Myself and Partner (Jen's review below!) had such an amazing time over the original 4 days we had booked, we extended for another day from Da lat to Nah trang. After being with Chilli for 4 awesome days this time we went with Mr Viet (The Owner of the company) we were well looked after and went through the national park (like top gear did!) which provided incredible views! 
Being able to rock up to out of the way small Vietnamese cafe/restaurants and have food ordered for you was great. We ate fantastic traditional Vietnamese food that we may not have experienced otherwise. Jen was on the back of Chilli / Mr Viet bike and felt safe at all the time, I was on my own bike and was easy to keep up with both of them and always felt like we could stop at any point. I ran out of petrol when with Chilli and with a quick beep of the horn he looked back and within 5 minutes we were filled up and back on the road!
This put a fair dent in our backpacker budget and before booking we were apprehensive, but after experiencing what we did, we've never looked back!
Thanks again. 
Rob & Jen. 
P.s thanks for the coffee & tea Hai, we will think of our trip while sipping on real Vietnamese coffee back in Barnsley!

Once in a lifetime experience! - Thursday, 02 June 2011 11:40 - Canada

Myself and a friend of mine just completed a 3 day tour from Dalat to Nha Trang with Mr. Viet and Mr. Chilli. I could fill a book just about those three days! The amount we learned from them was incredible; we stopped at flower farms, silk worm and silk factories, noodle making houses, brick factories, coffee plantations, and historical junctions along the way (and more, but too many to write!) and they both were so knowledgeable on EVERYTHING! Anything we asked, they knew.. It was like spending three days with two encyclopaedias! We asked about everything, from Vietnamese table manners to the Vietnam war.. And they gave their own accounts and opinions which were invaluable. 
The scenery along the trip is stunning! - I've never seen anything like it, and I had no idea that Vietnam was so utterly beautiful. There is no better way to experience it than on the back of a motorbike, you feel free and it's amazingly exhilarating! Saying that, the girl I was doing the trip with was terrified of motorbikes and very worried about the tour.. But within 2 minutes with Mr. Chilli, she felt safer than she could have done in an army tank! 

I couldn't recommend the Easy Riders highly enough. They are worth every penny and much, much more.

Contact at

A wonderful three day trip!!! - Wednesday, 01 June 2011 21:36 - Holland

I have just done 3 days from Dalat to Nhatrang with Viet ' Brillient '!!!


     Thank you so much for making my three day journey very comfortable & for looking after me always checked that i was ok,gave me regular steps to stretch my legs,make sure i was always fed.The homestay was also an experience &one to remember.and i never forget the spectacular views!!!!.

I would definetely recommend you to friends who were visiting made my trip very rememorable

Thank you for taking great photos for me.

Have a safe trip back to DaLat.

                                Thanks again

                             Roxanne (Holland)



A wonderful trip - Sunday, 15 May 2011 03:24 - Australia

What a great trip! I must say we had never expected to travel the whole way from DaLat to HoiAn for 10days on the motorbike but i do not think there is any better way to travel around VietNam!

Thank you for making the trip so much fun & for always making us feel 100 % safe.The views were amazing and so was the food and we highlight was definetly the swimming in jungle lagoon & waterfalls ,important historical sites from the Vietnam war,factories farms,minority villages and look outs with stunning views!

I will recommend to anyone coming to VietNam as our trip would not have been the same without this tour.For anyone reading this make sure to take this tour up to the mountains, you will not regret it!you will contact Viet at





Viet,un superbe guide! - Sunday, 01 May 2011 13:42 - Benjamin

Je n'ai passé qu'une journée avec M.Nam Viet, mais elle n'est pas prête d'être oubliée... Viet est un guide anglophone très sympathique qui n'hésita pas à me proposer des prix encore plus bas que les autres easy riders qu'il m'a été donné de rencontrer... Me voilà derrière sa moto, et hop, c'est parti ! J'ai l'impression qu'en 5 jours j'en aurais pas autant fait qu'en une journée avec lui. Il savait bien sûr où m'amener. Il m'en apprend sur le Bouddhisme, et sur d'autres traditions vietnamiennes. On a l'impression de déjà le connaître depuis longtemps quand on doit déjà le quitter à la fin de cette journée si remplie... Je le recommande vivement.

Chilli, the best!!! - Sunday, 01 May 2011 01:15 - America

What an experience !!! We did a day tour around DaLat with EasyRider Chilli at 2/05/2014. Chilli was a great guide. Based on his experience from his life and from his time as EasyRider he did allow us getting an insight view about the people, the minorities, the nature, the life of the Vietnamese people between the American war and now and a lot of funny stuff like the story of the Ethnic village and the Weasel coffee. Although we did book a tour for about 7 hours it took us 9 hours to come back and we did feel like we did have a tour of multiple days :-) This day was and is a memorable part of our three weeks in Vietnam. Again many thanks to Chilli and his original vietnam easyrider. We did enjoy this day very much. Visitors, take care to go with the real Vietnam EasyRider and not a copy of them !-you can contact Chilli at

Awesome!!! - Sunday, 24 April 2011 05:50 - Germany

Viet and Chilli

It's been real,it's been good.

It's has been real good!

Thank you very much for the journey and i wish you all the best on the rest of youre journey!

This trip was def the best way to experience the central highlands of Vietnam....And it was awesome! all of you are the best!

Thank you so much Viet for looking after us and keeping us safe in any situation....

Julie and Anthony


( Germany and Australia )

DaLat to Nhatrang for three days.

A wonderful trip!!! - Saturday, 23 April 2011 02:57 - Newzealand

Dear Viet,

What a wonderful experience ! This has truely been the BEST three days in Viet Nam for me !

Thank you very much for being such a fantastic tour guide.You have a very funny sense of humour,good English and you are a real knowledgeable person, a very entertaining guide,Viet

Pleased we meet,i wish you the best of luck for the future!

no money no hunny,no hunny no baby!!!

Come to Newzealand

Nice Hung!! - Wednesday, 20 April 2011 12:59 - Germany

Nach langem ueberlegen haben wir eine 1-Tagestour gebucht. Wir hattem sehr viel spass, haben jede Menge gesehen und haben ein super leckeres Essen bekommen. Alles in allem ist die Tour ihr Geld voll wert. Wir koennen jedem nur raten, wenn er sich in Dalat aufhaelt, eine Tour mit den Easyridern zu machen. Bis jetzt ein richtiges Highlight auf unserer Vietnamreise, was Mr. Hung, dessen unglaubliches Wissen ueber Land und Leute beeindruckt, und seinem voll verruecktem Sohn Ut, welchem man erlebt haben muss, zu verdanken ist. Lisa und Micha :-)
- Germany 

Dalat nach Nhatrang - Wednesday, 20 April 2011 04:35

nach einer langen busfahrt von saigon nach dalat kamen pela und ich sehr muede in dalat an. schon begruesste uns Viet ( und sein freund und bot uns an, uns in die stadt zu bringen. so stiegen wir aufs motorrad. dann haben wir uns von einer 3-tages-tour nach nha trang mit den beiden ueberzeugen lassen. auch wenn wir anfangs sehr skeptisch waren, es war die beste entscheidung. so viel werden wir von vietnam nicht mehr sehen und erleben. und beide fahren wirklich sehr sicher!!! also, macht diesen trip, es lohnt sich und ist das geld wert!!!

Trip of a lifetime - Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:20 - Switzerland

My wife and I did a 6 day tour from Dalat to Hoi An with Chilli and Viet. We have been very fortunate over the years in having travelled to over 10 countries and had many great experiences along the way. we can say with great certainty that travelling the Ho Chi Minh Trail on the back of motorcycles with VietNam Easy Rider ranks up there with the very best travel experiences we have ever had. One can't describe the intimate relationship you experience with the country of Vietnam as a tourist travelling on the back of motorcycle. The sites, sounds, people and places come alive with VietNam Easy Riders. Chilli and Viet were amazing hosts/drivers/tour guides and allowed us to see a side of Vietnam that no one in a tour bus will ever experience. we could write for pages on our stories and memories in a mere 6 days, but will sum it up with this thought. There are few experiences that you will ever have as a traveller anywhere in the world that are as a rewarding and enjoyable as our experience with VietNam Easy Riders. Don't settle for cheap imitations, book now and book for as long a journey as you can. Our only mistake was just 6 days.... Thanks you for such a memorable experience Chilli and Viet and VietNam Easy Riders. 



Awesome!!! - Sunday, 10 April 2011 10:04 - LonDon

Our experience started with a one-day motorbike excursion taking in a few of the sights of Dalat itself then a trip into the country to visit an ethnic minority village & learn a bit about the agriculture of the surrounding area. Our guides, Chilli & Hung were both very friendly, had good English and excellent knowledge on the wide-range of the local people we met & the activities we witnessed - the Koho peoples' village & their weaving craft, silk-worm farming, silk production, coffee growing & processing, mushroom farming, etc. They also treated us to a traditional Vietnamese feast for lunch at country cafe. We returned to base so satisfied with our experience that Chilli had no trouble convincing us to go with him on their 2-day excursion through the Central Highlands to Lak lake taking in a number of ethnic minority villages & experiencing the different aspects of life in this very productive region of Vietnam. We were not disappointed and would do a trip with these guys again in a heartbeat - their knowledge of the area & it's people and their passion for their country was infectious and we returned to Dalat with a new found love for a country we knew little about beforehand.
Don't go with the imitators, go with the original Vietnam easyrider!
Hob & Sarah, Kanae, LonDon

Com je anders nooit.. - Friday, 18 March 2011 09:31


Ik ben van mui ne, via da lat naar Nha trang gegaan met mr .Viet.. Je komt zo op plaatsen waar je anders niet zo snel komt je kunt lekker van het uitzicht genieten overal en komt in de kleinste dorpjes.. Hoe langer je gaat hoe meer je ziet wat een standaard toerist niet ziet. Viet is een gastvrije man vriendelijke man en ik heb lekker savonds Rijstwijn met hem zitten drinken en nog meer zitten ouwehoeren.. Het waren een paar goede dagen en ik heb er mooie foto's aan overgehouden!

Wild experience!!! - Tuesday, 22 February 2011 08:38 - France

I am a 26 year old solo female traveler and In february 2011 I did a 8 day tour with Mr Viet and it was great. I had abit of trouble when we first started as I had lost my wallet the day before we arranged to start the tour so mr Viet kindly helped me and gave me back my deposit to pay for my accomodation as my cards were in my wallet. The tour was great through the central highlands, I saw many things you would only see by doing a tour like this and he was very informative. I had my best times in Vietnam on this tour and felt entirely safe. There are many fake companies and people pretending to be easy rider but the real easy riders wear the blue vests and this is definately the real easy riders. Its worth the money as you know your in goods hands, your driver will drive safe, the bike will not break down and youll get you to your destination and youll see so much more!! Remember to look out for the blue vests and have a great time!

Real guide,Viet - Sunday, 13 February 2011 04:26 - Canada

After getting off the bus from Bao Loc to Da Lat, I was met at the station by Viet, I was unsure about how to spend my time in the area but knew that I wanted to explore as much as possible, after discussing the options with Viet it was clear that a 3 day trip was the best option. I felt completely as ease with him and i have no regrets what so ever, it really has been one of the highlights of my 4 month trip so far. If you are lucky enough to meet him, go for it, no hidden costs, totally straight up. The countryside looks so much better from the comfort of his bike. Not only will he guide you around the sights, he will also make sure you eat plenty of good cheap food!! He is THE ORIGINAL Easy Rider. Please phone him when you get to Da Lat 01679558236